What is e-Tendering?
What are the basic requirements for using e-Tendering portal?
What internet settings have to be done in the computer for using e-Tendering portal?
What is digital certificate? Why it is required?
Is e-Tendering portal is secured?

What is e-Tendering?

e-Tendering in a very simple language can be described as an internet enabled tendering process rather than manual paper based process. The basic principle would remain as it is.

Using e-Tendering application Department officials can:
  • Create requisition
  • Approve in a workflow
  • Aggregate or segregate requisition
  • Create tender from requisition
  • Approve tender in a workflow
  • Conduct online prebid meeting
  • Publish corrigendum
  • Open tender
  • Evaluate bid
  • Generate report
  • Negotiate with bidders
  • Issue Advance purchase order
  • Issue Purchase order
  • Delivery tracking

What are the basic requirements for using e-Tendering portal?

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Digital certificate
  • Login Id and password

What internet settings have to be done in the computer for using e-Tendering portal?

  • Proxy: If you are using proxy to connect to internet or if your PC is behind the firewall then you need to contact your system administrator to enable connectivity. Please take a note that port 443 should be enabled on our proxy/firewall for HTTPS connectivity.
  • Pop-ups: Pop-ups should be enabled.
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels
  • Internet speeds: If you are experiencing slow connectivity to e-Tendering portal then please contact your ISP for desirable speeds
  • Browser-Text size: For the purpose of Clarity and Visibility we recommend to use text size setting as medium and above (Path on internet explorer : Click on view button --> Text size --> Medium )

What is digital certificate? Why it is required?

Digital certificate is like your online passport which proves your identity in the faceless world of internet. As per Indian IT Act, 2000 use of valid digital certificate is mandatory for any e-Tendering portal. Major objectives for using digital certificate are as mentioned below:
  • Authorization
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Non repudiation

To know more about digital certificate please visit www.cca.gov.in


Is e-Tendering portal is secured?

  • Secured login: Unlike traditional website, e-Tendering portal requires login id, password and valid digital certificate. Password is also stored in encrypted manner so that it cannot be viewed by even system or database administrator.
  • Process Validation: The Solution has been so architected that a user (Department Officers / Bidders) cannot view the commercial bid of any Bidder till the date & time specified for the opening of the commercial bid is due.
  • Data Encryption: The solution supports 128 bit encryption and all the price bids received against a tender are encrypted at the database level.
  • SSL: 128 bit SSL is being used for secure communication to take place between browser and server.
  • Unauthorized access: The entire solution is behind a firewall and intrusion detection system that protects it against unauthorized access and hacker
  • Compliance to Indian IT Act: The complete e-Tendering process is compliant with IT Act, 2000 of the Govt.of India.

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